Submission and Documentation
for AirBox Air Purifiers 

Submission and Documentation for AirBox Air Purifiers Our comprehensive package includes submittals and Installation, Operation, & Maintenance Manuals (IO&M) to support your integration of AirBox Air Purifiers into your environment. These documents provide essential technical specifications for all our products, serving as valuable references for engineers, architects, mechanical contractors, or anyone seeking performance or physical data related to our air cleaners.

AirBox understands the documentation requirements needed for ASHRAE 241 compliant air cleaning systems. When you partner with AirBox, we provide the AirBox ASHRAE Standard 241 compliance package inclusive of:

Cover Letter with AirBox certification of Standard 241 compliance
Product specification sheets
Noise (safety test) report
Bioaerosol test report
Maintenance interval requirements
• Detailed Safe Air Plan (room by room) with required IRMM plan

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