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About AirBox


Helping people get the cleaner, healthier
air they deserve.


Delivering and assuring indoor air purification to the highest scientifically proven standards.

AirBox originated as part of the semiconductor manufacturing industry, where cleanrooms with pristine air and ultra-clean process utilities are critical for defect-free chip production. Characterization of clean room and process distribution system contaminants for purposes of contamination control was our area of expertise. We realized that clean environments, including clean breathing air, are important for people, not just computer chips–that it has enormous health and wellness benefits.

So, in 2017, we established AirBox to focus on making the most effective air cleaning systems available for indoor occupied spaces. This coincided with people starting to wake up to issues with indoor air quality. And with new challenges to air cleanliness, such as COVID-19 and wildfire smoke, people are looking even more urgently for an effective, proven solution.

Our history in delivering clean air systems gives us an expertise that is unmatched. We use the most effective air filtration technologies that exist, Certified HEPA, and manufacture products that meet the stringent new ventilation standard, ASHRAE Standard 241.

Today, AirBox filtration systems are used nationwide, purifying the air and effectively capturing over 99.99% of tested airborne contaminants, including infectious aerosols that can pose significant health risks.
We’ve become the trusted choice for hospitals, educational centers, offices, warehouses, construction zones, public assembly, sports facilities, and more.

We’re proud to make all our products to the highest standards in the USA at our North Carolina production facility. Every day, we are working hard to give the American people the safer learning, working, and living environments they deserve.

We’re here to help you breathe easy and live better.

About AMTS

AM Technical Solutions (AMTS), founded in 1994, is a proven and licensed architect, engineering, and construction firm.
AM delivers the entire scope of work for high-tech construction projects on schedule, on budget, and at the level of
quality required by customers.

The AMTS core foundation was built on quality programs that optimized semiconductor facility operations. As the company developed, AMTS added core competencies on pre-construction, procurement, and construction. Further, through strategic acquisitions, we added design, commissioning, and validation to create a complete end-to-end solution for high-tech construction project delivery.

Bringing together key areas of expertise that include A&E, design, and engineering. AMTS quality construction professionals boast more than 20 years of individual success, assuring the early integration of all requirements to meet quality standards.

AMTS’ deep involvement in the semiconductor industry, including manufacturing and operations, has allowed implementation of Lean throughout the company to support their ability to deliver on schedule, cost, and quality.

Commercial Air Purifiers Made in the USA

Established in 2017, AirBox is committed to providing pristine air quality to ensure the health and safety of Americans everywhere. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, our commercial air purifiers are equipped with Certified HEPA filtration, and ensure strict adherence to the latest in ASHRAE Standards.

Precision crafted to serve a diverse range of commercial establishments, our air filtration systems are the trusted choice for hospitals, educational centers, offices, warehouses, construction zones, recreational spaces, and more, eliminating over 99.9% of airborne particles and improving air quality.

Rely on AirBox for pristine air in your commercial space, ensuring every breath is clean and safe.

Commercial Air Purifiers
Made in the USA

AirBox’s foundation is built on the core values of innovation, dedication, and American craftsmanship. Since 2017, we have been on a mission to redefine air purification standards for commercial spaces across the nation. 

Every AirBox purifier embodies the precision and quality of American engineering, ensuring an unparalleled level of performance and reliability.

A Winning Leadership Team
for Safe Air Solutions

With a combined seven decades of experience as leaders in their respective fields,
The airbox leadership team propels the company forward.



Our founder, Tim Self, previously founded AM Technical Solutions, which became the US leader in cleanroom design, construction, and certification. Over time, Tim realized that his expertise had more important applications than just semiconductor clean rooms. Clean air was a personal health and safety issue—and time has proven him right.

Starting in 2017, Tim brought his deep knowledge of micro-contamination and filtration to air purification to the people. He shifted his focus to creating a solution that could thoroughly and safely clean the air in larger, more populated spaces. His goal was—and still is—to help keep people’s learning and working environments safer.

Tim and the Airbox team have addressed indoor air issues by engineering and manufacturing state-of-the-art, commercial-grade certified HEPA air cleaners. They are scientifically proven to remove pathogens and particulates from the air more effectively than any other method.

And we’re not standing still. Airbox is the most effective and efficient commercially available air purification that meets ASHRAE 241, the most stringent air purity standard ever created.

The era of clean air is here.





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