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What is an Air Quality Verification Test?

The objective of the AirBox Indoor Air Quality Verification Testing is to conduct a thorough examination of air quality within client facilities, with a primary focus on identifying key contaminants of concern (COCs). These studies are rooted in the latest scientific research pertaining to contaminants typically found in the specific industrial or commercial settings.

To ensure the accuracy and relevance of our findings, we adhere to the most up-to-date guidelines and requirements provided by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Standards. These standards are widely acknowledged for their stringent criteria for maintaining optimal indoor environmental quality.

In addition to leveraging these standards, our approach includes the deployment of technicians with high-precision portable sensors capable of detecting and measuring a wide range of air contaminants at high resolution. This technology enables real-time monitoring and analysis of air quality, providing detailed insights into the types and concentrations of contaminants present.

Furthermore, we will complement our on-site sensor data with thorough laboratory measurements. These lab analyses will provide a deeper understanding of the properties of the identified contaminants, offering a more nuanced view of the air quality within any and all spaces. This comprehensive approach, combining state-of-the-art sensor technology with in-depth laboratory analysis, ensures a precise assessment of air quality within commercial facilities.

It will provide the foundation for effective strategies to mitigate the identified COCs, thereby safeguarding the health and well-being of building employees and visitors alike.

Audit your air in
4 simple steps

Our data-driven Air Quality Assessment and Verification takes the guesswork out of what’s going on with your air.
It tells you exactly what contaminants are in your indoor air and how many of them. These steps will lead you
from guessing to knowing—and from dirty, unhealthy air to clean.


Floor plan submittal and proposal

You need an accurate picture of indoor air contaminants. That’s why the AirBox Indoor Air Quality Verification Testing process has you submit a floor plan first. Our Analytical group will then recommend the best sampling points in the facility.


Analytical group performs assessment

AirBox analytical technicians, led by our LEED Certified Environmental Scientist, will provide a quantitative assessment of particulate and gaseous contaminants. We use highly calibrated sensors and air sampling diagnostic equipment to provide the most accurate results.


Lab analyses and data reporting

We combine data from our cutting-edge sensor technology with in-depth lab analysis performed by an accredited lab to ensure a comprehensive, accurate assessment and verification of air quality. This points the way for effective strategies to mitigate the identified contaminants.


Improved indoor air solutions

The results of the verification testing are then reviewed by our analytical group and engineers to provide a science-backed strategy to effectively improve the indoor air quality of your facility using ASHRAE Standard 241 Compliant air cleaners.

What contaminants are included
in the verification testing?

List of Contaminant of Concerns/Indicators

Design Compound or PM2.5 Acceptable IAQ Reference
Carbon monoxide 9 ppm ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022
PM2.5 12 µg/m3

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

Ozone 70 ppb

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

TVOC Variable See Downloadable Link Below
CO2 Variable See Downloadable Link Below
Speciated VOCs (lab measurements)    
Acetaldehyde 140 µg/m3  
Acetone 1200 µg/m3

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

Benzene 3 µg/m3

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

Dichloromethane 400 µg/m3

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

Formaldehyde 33 µg/m3

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

Naphthalene 9 µg/m3

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

Phenol 10 µg/m3

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

Tetrachloroethylene 35 µg/m3

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

Toluene 300 µg/m3

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

1,1,1-trichloroethane 1000 µg/m3

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

Xylene, total 500 µg/m3

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022

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Clean Air Insights

Navigating the Future of Indoor Air Quality: AirBox Embraces the New IAQP Calculator

The world of indoor air quality (IAQ) is constantly evolving, and recent advancements in technology and research are leading to better understanding and more effective solutions. One such advancement is the new ASHRAE Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP) calculator, a powerful tool for predicting and controlling IAQ in buildings. AirBox, a leading innovator in smart ventilation solutions, is enthusiastically embracing this new calculator as a crucial component of its commitment to providing healthier and more sustainable indoor environments. What is the Indoor Air Quality Procedure? The Indoor Air Quality Procedure is an alternative to the widely used Ventilation Rate Procedure (VRP) for determining the design rate of outdoor airflow necessary to maintain acceptable indoor air quality. The IAQP design ensures that concentrations of design compounds and PM2.5, such as formaldehyde and ozone, in the indoor environment are kept below their design limits. This is achieved through a combination of indoor and outdoor source control, filtration and air cleaning, and outdoor air. What is the ASHRAE IAQP Calculator The ASHRAE IAQP calculator is a comprehensive tool published in 2024 as part of ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022, Appendix F. Designed to be user-friendly, the calculator allows architects, engineers, and building owners to: Assess the potential IAQ impact of various building design features, including factors like occupancy, ventilation rates, filtration and air cleaning, and material emissions. Predict IAQ performance by forecasting how IAQ will change over time based on different scenarios. Identify and quantify sources of IAQ contamination, enabling targeted interventions to improve air quality. Optimize IAQ solutions through the use of data-driven insights to guide the selection of efficient and effective air filtration, ventilation, and other IAQ strategies.   AirBox's Embrace of the IAQP Calculator AirBox recognizes the importance of staying at the forefront of IAQ best practices. The IAQP calculator is a crucial tool for AirBox, enabling it to accurately assess indoor air quality and provide customized recommendations for improvement. We plan to utilize the calculator in the following ways: Project design and optimization: The calculator will be integrated into the design phase of AirBox projects, ensuring that ventilation and air cleaning systems are optimized for specific needs and scenarios. Client education and transparency: AirBox will use the calculator to provide clients with data-driven insights into their building's IAQ performance. Research and development: AirBox plans to leverage the calculator for research and development, furthering its understanding of IAQ dynamics and the effectiveness of its air purification solutions.   The Future of IAQ with AirBox and the ASHRAE IAQP Calculator The combined power of AirBox’s innovative air purification technology and the new ASHRAE IAQP calculator represents a significant step forward in achieving optimal indoor air quality. The calculator's scientific foundation and industry-recognized standards ensure reliable and accurate IAQ assessments, making it an indispensable tool for AirBox in its mission to improve indoor air quality. By embracing data-driven solutions and prioritizing occupant health, AirBox is paving the way for a future where buildings are not just structures but thriving environments that support well-being and productivity ...

The Vortex High Volume Air Purifier: Clean Air for High Impurity Environments

Introduction Imagine walking into a bustling manufacturing plant where the air is thick with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and lingering odors from various industrial processes. The air quality challenges in such high-impurity environments can be daunting. Not only do these pollutants affect the health and well-being of workers, but they also compromise the efficiency of operations and the quality of the products. The Vortex High Volume Air Purifier (HVP) from AirBox is designed specifically to tackle these tough air quality issues. With its impressive airflow capacity and robust four-stage filtration system, the Vortex is a game-changer for environments that demand clean, healthy air. In this blog post, I’ll take you through the remarkable features of the Vortex and how it stands out in purifying air in high-impurity environments and why it is the ultimate solution for industries where air quality is a critical concern. Moving Air, Moving Fast: The Vortex's Airflow Capacity One of the standout features of the Vortex HVP is its impressive airflow capacity. In simple terms, airflow capacity refers to the volume of air an air purifier can move through its system, typically measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or cubic feet per hour (CFH). The Vortex HVP excels in this regard, producing about 9,200 CFM, which translates to a staggering 552,000 CFH. This makes the Vortex highly effective in handling large spaces and ensuring that even the most polluted air is swiftly and thoroughly cleaned. In a large manufacturing plant, for example, the Vortex can quickly purify the air, removing harmful pollutants and creating a safer, healthier environment. This high airflow capacity is crucial for maintaining air quality in environments where large volumes of air need to be cleaned efficiently and effectively. The Power of Molecular Adsorption: How the Vortex Tackles VOCs and Beyond One of the most critical aspects of the Vortex's design is its advanced Molecular Adsorbent filtration system, which is highly effective in removing VOCs and other airborne pollutants. What Are VOCs? Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a group of chemicals commonly found in industrial environments. They can originate from a variety of sources, including solvents, paints, and cleaning supplies. VOCs are unpleasant due to their strong odors and can also pose significant health risks, such as respiratory irritation and long-term health effects. Vortex’s Molecular Adsorbent Filtration System The Vortex HVP uses a specialized Molecular Adsorbent filtration system designed to tackle these pollutants head-on. This system incorporates various proprietary blends of adsorbent media to target specific contaminants, such as heavy concentrations of VOCs.. Effectiveness Against Pollutants The effectiveness of the Vortex's carbon filtration system is evident in its ability to handle various high-impurity environments. This system excels in settings such as smoking lounges, manufacturing facilities, and areas with heavy chemical use. By effectively removing VOCs, ozone, aldehydes, and smoke, the Vortex ensures that the air is significantly cleaner and safer for occupants. For instance, in a smoking lounge, the Vortex can dramatically reduce the concentration of smoke and odor, providing a more pleasant and healthier environment. Similarly, in a manufacturing facility with heavy chemical use, the Vortex’s Molecular Adsorbent filters can remove harmful organic compounds, improving overall air quality. Certified HEPA: A Double Layer of Protection Ensuring clean air in high-impurity environments requires more than just one type of filtration. The Vortex High Volume Air Purifier uses a sophisticated dual filtration system. This starts with Molecular Adsorbent filters to capture larger pollutants like VOCs and aldehydes. Following this, Certified HEPA filters trap smaller particles, ensuring thorough air cleaning. How HEPA Filters Work AirBox Certified HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters capture at least 99.99% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, bacteria, pollen, and mold spores. They are highly effective in removing tiny particles that can be harmful when inhaled, making them a standard in industries requiring exceptionally clean air. Why Dual Filtration is Crucial Combining Certified HEPA and Molecular Adsorbent filtration offers robust defense against a broad spectrum of contaminants: In environments with high levels of both particulate matter and gaseous pollutants, this dual filtration ensures the air is exceptionally clean. For instance, in healthcare facilities, this system means the air is free of harmful microorganisms and large chemical pollutants, providing critical protection against airborne diseases and other hazards. Built to Last: The Vortex's Durable Construction In challenging environments, durability is crucial. The Vortex High Volume Air Purifier is designed with robust construction to withstand industrial and commercial settings. Construction Materials The Vortex uses aircraft-grade aluminum panels and a sturdy structural steel frame. This provides exceptional strength and durability, ensuring the unit performs well under harsh conditions.  Weather Resistance The Vortex HVP is equipped with a durable powder coating, tested for 1,000 hours of salt spray resistance. This prevents rust and corrosion, even in coastal areas. It also features R12 insulation, enhancing its resistance to varying weather conditions and making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. In industrial environments, where equipment faces extreme conditions, the Vortex's durable construction ensures it remains effective. Whether on a rooftop in Los Angeles or in a harsh industrial setting, the Vortex HVP provides reliable air purification with minimal maintenance. The Vortex’s durability not only extends its lifespan but also ensures continuous air purification in demanding environments, making it a cost-effective investment for maintaining high air quality over the long term. Our meticulously crafted construction stands the test of time, backed by a transferable lifetime warranty, assuring you of unparalleled peace of mind. Seamless Integration: The Vortex and Your Existing HVAC System A key feature of the Vortex High Volume Air Purifier is its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing HVAC systems. This integration is designed to be straightforward and efficient, minimizing disruption and maximizing performance. Easy Installation The Vortex can be easily connected to various new and existing HVAC systems, including indoor and outdoor mechanical systems. This integration means that the Vortex enables the design of IAQP and energy savings by using recirculated and purified air. This setup reduces the need for additional equipment and simplifies the overall air purification process. Cost-Effectiveness Integrating the Vortex with existing mechanical systems is cost-effective. It reduces installation time and expenses by utilizing the current ductwork and HVAC infrastructure. This seamless integration also optimizes the overall HVAC system, improving its efficiency and reducing energy costs by ensuring that only clean air is heated or cooled. Efficiency and Performance By integrating with the new and existing mechanical systems, the Vortex enhances the overall air quality management of the building. It ensures that all air circulated within the space is purified, addressing both particulate and gaseous pollutants. This comprehensive approach to air purification improves indoor air quality significantly, benefiting both health and operational efficiency. In retrofit projects, the Vortex can be added to older buildings to upgrade their air purification capabilities without the need for extensive renovations. In new constructions, it provides a state-of-the-art solution that integrates smoothly with modern mechanical system designs. Smart Fleet Management: Enhancing Efficiency and Control The Vortex High Volume Air Purifier’s Smart Fleet Management System offers advanced real-time monitoring and control. This system allows HVAC professionals to track the purifier's performance continuously, ensuring any issues are detected and addressed promptly. Real-time data helps maintain optimal air quality by providing insights into the purifier's operation and effectiveness. Scheduling and Automation  The system's scheduling and automation capabilities are designed to enhance efficiency. Users can set specific times for the Vortex to operate, ensuring it runs only when necessary. This automation reduces energy consumption and operational costs, while also extending the lifespan of the unit by preventing unnecessary wear and tear. Seamless Integration with HVAC Systems  Integrating seamlessly with existing HVAC systems, the Smart Fleet Management System optimizes overall performance. It coordinates air purification with HVAC functions, ensuring that both systems work together efficiently. This integration leads to improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and consistent air quality. Conclusion The Vortex High Volume Air Purifier is designed for high-impurity environments, offering unmatched air purification through high airflow capacity, advanced Molecular Adsorption filtration, Certified HEPA filtration, and durable construction. Its seamless integration with existing mechanical systems ensures efficient and cost-effective operation. For HVAC professionals, the Vortex provides a reliable solution for maintaining clean air in industrial, commercial, and healthcare settings.  To learn more, contact a sales representative or visit our product page. Invest in the Vortex today for superior air quality ...

Large Scale Air Purification is Finally Here

Introducing the biggest thing in indoor air purification. Literally. Are you faced with the challenge of purifying large-scale or multi-room spaces where a fleet of air purifiers isn't feasible? Your solution has arrived. AirBox introduces high-volume air purifiers designed to tackle entire buildings and expansive areas like arenas and gymnasiums with ease. Regardless of the industry, service, or activities taking place, indoor air quality has become a paramount concern for occupied spaces. The increasing awareness of indoor air quality's profound effect on health has sparked a revolution in clean air initiatives. Purifying large, high occupancy spaces like schools, manufacturing facilities, arenas, multi-family dwellings, medical facilities, gymnasiums, retail buildings, and beyond has been a continuous challenge for engineers, building facilities managers, and owners – until now.  Introducing High-Volume Air Purification AirBox is introducing a trilogy of revolutionary solutions customizable for any high-volume air purification needs. The Vortex, for comprehensive building purification, the Stratus, for expansive venues like arenas and gymnasiums, and the Vortex 2000, for interstitial and suspended multi-room systems, are exceptionally efficient air purifiers crafted to comply with current and forthcoming indoor air quality standards. Rigorously validated through third-party testing, these High-Volume Purifiers (HVPs) deliver unprecedented Clean Airflow rates, with the Stratus reaching up to 4,850 CFM and the Vortex achieving up to 9,200 CFM (equivalent to 550,000 CFH). Notably, the good news doesn’t stop there… The Key Benefits Optimized ControlsMost buildings aren’t always occupied at maximum capacity, so why run air purification systems that way? The AirBox HVPs are equipped with Smart Fleet Management, a remotely controlled dashboard that allows you to connect, manage, adjust, schedule, and monitor all Airbox air purifiers in a facility, allowing you to conserve energy and money. This software connects to the integrated differential pressure, VOC, and CO2 sensors on board to read real-time indoor air quality and track filter life and efficiency.  Constant ComplianceAirBox proactively engineered their HVPs to align with existing and future ventilation requirements in mind. Both the Vortex and the Stratus can be used for ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022 Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP) for energy reduction or possible reduction of outdoor air through the use of recirculated and purified air, while maintaining all design compounds within the building under their design limits. The AirBox HVPs also comply with the new ASHRAE Standard 241-2023 Infection Risk Management Mode for heightened airborne disease transmission risk, relying on compliant air filtration systems for enhanced air output. These high-volume air purifiers even comply with the upcoming Guideline 44P for minimizing the effects of wildfire smoke.  Reliable EfficiencyEvery AirBox high-volume air purifier undergoes meticulous assembly, featuring a direct-drive variable-speed, high-efficiency fan motor with a single intake plenum to enhance system reliability and efficiency. Constructed with durable aircraft-grade aluminum sheet metal skin, these units ensure leak-free operation, weather resistance, and corrosion protection. With slide-out filter racks featuring cam-lock style compression seals, maintenance becomes seamless, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Cost EffectiveAir purifiers are an investment in the health and well-being of a building and its occupants. AirBox high-volume units provide a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative to a fleet of portable air cleaners to make achieving cleaner air easier and worthwhile. Adaptable InstallationBoth units allow for optimized installation and operation with multiple integration applications and mounting configurations. Think of HVPs as central air purification, connect them to your current systems whether through ducting, rooftop integration, plenum rooms, and other compatible setups. These applications are supported by comprehensive Integration Configuration Guidelines as well as Indoor Air Quality Procedure Calculations and post install Verification Testing. Absolute FiltrationAirBox HVPs deliver comprehensive control over particulate and gaseous contaminants through a 3- to 4-stage filtration process. Each unit employs Certified HEPA filtration, boasting a 99.99% effectiveness in eliminating airborne particles and aerosols down to the most penetrating particle size (MPPS) of 0.3 microns, allowing for volumetric flow to be created toward heightened measure standards compliance. Additionally, depending on your specific environment, they can be paired with an Advanced Molecular Adsorbent Carbon filter to efficiently reduce contaminants in the make-up air where hazardous chemical contaminants, VOCs, ozone, and other gaseous pollutants are prevalent in your facility. Upgrade Your Building with Centralized Air Purification Engineers can expect to work closely with AirBox to ensure these units are implemented to achieve maximum efficiency for their building or large single-space. Orders are underway with the first-to-market units being scheduled for installation this summer. Building and facility managers or owners are encouraged to contact AirBox early to ensure installation scheduling before the end of the year. The importance of maintaining healthy indoor air quality has never been greater ...

High-Volume Air Purifiers: Engineering Clean Air for Large Commercial Spaces

In the wake of recent global events, indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a top priority for businesses and building managers across industries. This is especially true for large, open spaces such as gymnasiums, conference halls, and auditoriums, where ensuring adequate ventilation and air purification can be particularly challenging.  Traditional HVAC systems often fall short of effectively cleaning the air in these expansive environments, leaving occupants susceptible to airborne pollutants and potential health risks. Fortunately, advancements in air purification technology offer promising solutions. High-volume air purifiers, like the AirBox Stratus, are specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges of maintaining clean air in large commercial settings. These powerful systems work independently or alongside existing HVAC infrastructure to provide superior air filtration and circulation, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for everyone. Engineered for Excellence: Stratus Technical Specifications and Performance At AirBox, we understand the critical need for powerful and efficient air purification solutions in large commercial spaces. That's why we engineered the Stratus as a built in high volume purification unit with cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail.  Here's a closer look at the key features that make the Stratus High Volume Air Purifier a leader in its class: Unmatched Airflow: The Stratus boasts an impressive 4,850 CFM airflow rate, ensuring rapid and thorough air circulation throughout expansive areas. This high-capacity air exchange effectively dilutes airborne contaminants and improves overall indoor air quality. Comprehensive Filtration: Our commitment to clean air is reflected in the Stratus's advanced three-stage filtration system. We begin with an activated carbon filter to eliminate odors and VOCs, followed by a MERV-9 antimicrobial filter to capture larger particles. Finally, a HEPA filter ensures the removal of 99.99% of airborne particulate matter, including allergens, bacteria, and viruses. Energy-Conscious Design: Recognizing the importance of sustainability, we equipped the Stratus with an energy-efficient ECM motor and intelligent controls. This allows for optimized performance while minimizing power consumption, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. Quiet Performance: We understand that a peaceful environment is essential for any commercial space. The Stratus is designed with sound attenuation in mind, operating discreetly without causing disruption. Validated Performance: We stand behind the quality and performance of our products. The Stratus undergoes rigorous testing using calibrated industry equipment to ensure it meets and exceeds expectations for airflow, filtration efficiency, and energy consumption. Our new high volume air purifiers are a testament to AirBox's dedication to providing superior air purification solutions for large commercial spaces. With its powerful performance and innovative features, the Stratus offers peace of mind and promotes a healthier environment for building occupants and visitors alike. Intelligent Control: The Smart Fleet Management System At AirBox, we believe that managing indoor air quality should be effortless and intuitive. That's why we developed the Smart Fleet Management System, a comprehensive platform that provides unparalleled control and monitoring capabilities for our air purifiers.  Here's how the Smart Fleet System empowers you to optimize air quality in your facility: Remote Monitoring and Control: Access real-time data and adjust settings for your Stratus units from anywhere, at any time, through our user-friendly online dashboard. Monitor air quality parameters, track filter life, and adjust fan speeds remotely, ensuring optimal performance and convenience. Customizable Scheduling: Create tailored schedules to align air purifier operation with occupancy patterns and specific needs of your facility. Set automated on/off times, adjust fan speeds for different periods, and optimize energy usage by only running the units when necessary. Proactive Maintenance: Eliminate the guesswork of filter replacement. The Smart Fleet System tracks filter life based on actual usage and sends timely alerts when it's time for a change. This ensures peak performance and prevents potential airflow restrictions due to clogged filters. Seamless Integration: For facilities with Building Management Systems (BMS), the Smart Fleet platform offers seamless integration capabilities. This allows for centralized control and monitoring of your air purifiers alongside other building systems, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency. The AirBox Smart Fleet Management System empowers you to take control of your indoor air quality with ease and precision. Its intuitive interface, remote access, and automated features provide unmatched convenience and ensure that your air purifiers are always operating at peak performance. Seamless Integration: Installation and HVAC Compatibility The Stratus is designed for straightforward installation and seamless integration with existing HVAC systems. We understand the importance of a hassle-free process for HVAC professionals, so we've ensured that the Stratus is adaptable and easy to implement in various commercial settings.  Here's what you need to know: Mounting Options: The Stratus is designed for ceiling mounting, attaching securely to rafters or beams using threaded rods. Its lightweight design (approximately 500 pounds with filters) simplifies the installation process while maintaining structural integrity. Ductwork Considerations: The Stratus utilizes a dedicated ductwork configuration separate from the existing HVAC system. This allows for independent air circulation and ensures that the purified air is effectively distributed throughout the intended space. Our team can provide guidance on optimal ductwork design and diffuser placement for maximum efficiency. Electrical Requirements: The Stratus requires a standard electrical connection for power supply. Its energy-efficient design minimizes power consumption, making it a cost-effective solution for maintaining clean air in your facility. Complementary Operation: The Stratus works in harmony with existing HVAC systems to improve overall indoor air quality. While the HVAC system handles ventilation and temperature control, the Stratus focuses on air purification through recirculation and filtration. This combined approach ensures a comprehensive solution for maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. ASHRAE Standards Compliance: The Stratus is designed to assist facilities in meeting ASHRAE standards, particularly Standard 62.1 for ventilation and indoor air quality. By effectively cleaning and recirculating indoor air, the Stratus reduces the demand for outside air ventilation, leading to energy savings and improved cost efficiency. The Stratus offers a streamlined installation process and compatibility with existing HVAC systems, making it a valuable addition to any commercial building seeking to enhance indoor air quality. Made For Commercial Applications The Stratus High Volume Air Purifier has proven to be an effective air purification solution across a wide range of commercial applications. Its high-volume air exchange and advanced filtration capabilities make it particularly well-suited for large open spaces where maintaining clean air is essential.  Here are some ideal settings for the Stratus: Arenas and Gymnasiums: These expansive spaces often experience high occupancy levels and increased physical activity, leading to a greater concentration of airborne pollutants. The Stratus effectively circulates and filters the air, removing dust, sweat, and other contaminants to create a healthier environment for athletes, spectators, and staff. Conference Centers and Auditoriums: Ensuring clean air is crucial for maintaining focus and productivity during meetings and events. The Stratus operates discreetly while effectively removing allergens, odors, and airborne pathogens, promoting a comfortable and healthy atmosphere for attendees. Schools and Universities: Maintaining good indoor air quality in educational facilities is vital for student and staff health and well-being. The Stratus helps to reduce the spread of airborne illnesses and allergens, creating a more conducive learning environment. Demonstrating Value Our new high volume air purifiers offer a compelling value proposition for commercial facilities. By improving indoor air quality, it contributes to a healthier environment, potentially reducing absenteeism and improving employee productivity. Additionally, the energy-efficient design and reduced reliance on outside air ventilation can lead to significant cost savings over time. Investing in clean air is an investment in the well-being of building occupants and the overall success of your facility. The AirBox Stratus provides a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for achieving optimal indoor air quality in large commercial spaces. The Future of Commercial Air Purification The Stratus High Volume Air Purifier stands as a testament to our dedication to providing cutting-edge air purification solutions for commercial spaces. Its powerful performance, intelligent controls, and seamless integration make it a comprehensive and reliable choice for enhancing indoor air quality in large settings. At AirBox, we are committed to ongoing innovation and exceeding industry standards. We continuously explore new technologies and advancements to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our air purification systems. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support, ensuring a smooth and successful experience from installation to ongoing operation. As the importance of indoor air quality continues to grow, AirBox remains at the forefront of developing advanced solutions. We are excited about the future of air purification and committed to creating healthier and more comfortable environments for everyone. Ready to experience the AirBox difference? Contact us today to learn more about the Stratus and how it can transform your commercial space ...

AirBox Gives the Gift of Clean Air

For kids with complex medical needs, one need isn’t complex at all: clean air. At AirBox, we are a leading provider of innovative indoor air quality solutions and are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Charleston. As part of our latest initiative aimed at improving the health and well-being of those who need it most, we’ve outfitted the entire facility with industry-leading air purifiers. In April, our AirBox team and our AirBox NASCAR Xfinity Series Driver, Hailie Deegan, delivered the air purifiers and spent time with the current and former families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Charleston. Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe sanctuary and abundant resources and programs for families with children receiving medical treatment away from home. Since its inception in 1974, RMHC has grown into a global network with over 380 Houses and Family Rooms in 64 countries and regions, serving millions of families each year. RMHC provides a comfortable and supportive environment where families can stay together and focus on their child's health. AirBox recognized Ronald McDonald House Charities as the ideal partner due to their unwavering commitment to families' well-being. RMHC's compassionate mission and health-driven mindset resonate deeply with our values. The organization's dedication to providing a comforting home away from home for families facing medical challenges aligns perfectly with AirBox's desire to support those in need. RMHC's understanding of the importance of clean air and a healthy environment further solidified the partnership, as our innovative air purification systems provide extensive health benefits to families staying at RMHC facilities. ‘Children that have complex medical conditions commonly have compromised immune systems, so clean air is extremely important to this very vulnerable population,’ said [RMHC of Charleston CEO Kathy ‘KP’ Papadimitriou], ‘I can’t thank AirBox enough for providing these air purifiers.’ Clean indoor air has major health benefits for everyone, especially children who suffer from complex medical needs and their family members trying to stay healthy so they can continue to visit their child during in-patient stays. Our donation responds to the growing concern over indoor air quality and its impact on those already at risk due to illness. At AirBox, we recognize the importance of providing these children and their families with a clean and healthy environment, which can significantly improve their quality of life and overall health. 'We are thrilled to be able to contribute to the well-being of these brave children and their families,' said [AirBox COO Meredith Teague], 'The key link between a child’s health and the indoor air quality around them has always been prevalent to AirBox as most of us have children of our own. Our air purifiers are just a small contribution compared to what the Ronald McDonald House Charities team does for these families in their time of need. We are happy to partner with such an inspiring organization.’ Extensive research underscores the health advantages of clean air, demonstrating its ability to alleviate respiratory symptoms, asthma attacks, and various health concerns. AirBox's provision of air purifiers to RMHC of Charleston utilizes advanced Certified HEPA filtration technology that effectively removes airborne particles and aerosols, bacteria, dust, allergens, and more, creating a safer and healthier indoor environment for those who need it most. Who is AirBox? Founded in 2017, we at AirBox are dedicated to delivering impeccable air quality for enhanced health and safety everywhere. Offering a comprehensive indoor air quality solution, we conduct indoor air diagnostics through our ASHRAE Standard 62.1 compliant Indoor Air Quality Assessment, offer recommendations to improve the air quality, and offer commercial-grade solutions to fit any industry’s needs. Our commercial air purifiers, featuring Certified HEPA filtration and proudly made in the USA, facilitate adherence to the latest industry standards. We are a trusted resource and long-term partner for indoor air quality. What’s Next? To highlight the partnership, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Charleston will be featured on our sponsored #15 NASCAR Xfinity Series Ford Mustang driven by Hailie Deegan during the Darlington race on May 11th, 2024. Hailie teamed up with our AirBox team to deliver the fleet of air purifiers, as she shares the same core belief that every sick child deserves the best chance they can get at winning their race to health. Our team is pledging to donate indoor air quality resources and solutions to at least one Ronald McDonald House per year. We are committed to positively impacting the lives of those in need, and this donation is a testament to that commitment. By providing these air purifiers to Ronald McDonald Houses across the U.S., AirBox hopes to make a meaningful difference in the overall health and well-being of the families that stay with them. You Can Help Too! The Ronald McDonald House Charities provides numerous ways to get involved. From hosting a fundraiser and volunteering at your local chapter to fulfilling a wishlist, RMHC paves the way for anyone and everyone to aid the life of a sick child. Visit for more information ...

AirBox, Inc. continues to lead the market in clean air solutions by adding air audit and assessment services to their offerings.

AirBox, the leading brand and USA-based manufacturer in commercial indoor air quality (IAQ), is excited to announce their new indoor air quality services, designed to help facilities become compliant with existing and future ventilation requirements. As the effects of polluted air become more recognizable to the general public, Americans demand cleaner air, not just at home but also in commercial spaces. Furthermore, ASHRAE Standard 241 has introduced basic requirements, such as the use of specific filtration and air cleaning methods (including HEPA filters) and creating a plan for times when there is an increased risk of infection. This means that not only is clean air desired by people occupying indoor spaces, but indoor air is now also required to be measured and regulated to ensure the health and safety of indoor spaces. Effective immediately, AirBox's Analytical Group is offering indoor air quality audit and assessment services to commercial clients. Following ASHRAE and LEED standards, AirBox will identify VOC's and particulate matter using calibrated instrumentation and lab analysis to help building owners make educated decisions for IAQ improvements, audit their existing IAQ practices, and mitigate liability for IAQ complaints. “Understanding the components of the air that we breathe indoors is critical for keeping people safer and healthier. Indoor air quality assessments provide building owners with a first-hand account of the building conditions occupants are exposed to on an everyday basis. My team uses IAQ assessment data that is measured through mass spectroscopy, optical microscopy, and a range of continuous monitoring measurement procedures, such as laser photometer, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR), gas sensitive semiconductor (GSS), and galvanic cell technology. In turn, we make recommendations to control these contaminants which will have a huge impact for the given space.” – Cara Cywinski, LEED Certified Environmental Scientist In addition to improving their clean air solutions through these new services, AirBox has updated all certifications for their products to meet the recent ASHRAE Standard 241 requirements. AirBox will also proudly adhere to the same strict manufacturing regulations and standard compliances when developing new products – such as the new line of revolutionary air cleaners unlike any other ever to be designed or manufactured that AirBox looks to launch in the coming months. AirBox is proud to be the only air cleaning device manufacturer to offer this type of turnkey solution making them the all-in-one clean air experts, from testing and reporting to creating an optimized clean air plan and providing the products that are certified to do the job. By partnering with AirBox, employers and building owners can rest assured they are in compliance with newly appointed standards and regulations, thereby keeping their buildings safe and healthy for everyone inside. “Diagnostics and solutions should always go hand in hand when controlling indoor air quality. It clearly identifies the problems and validates the solutions. This crucial step has been overlooked when planning for an effective indoor air quality strategy. First and foremost, AirBox is a partner. We’re revolutionizing the indoor air quality space by providing help at every stage of IAQ improvement. Our end goal is to partner with building owners to provide a safer working, learning, and living environment for occupants while providing peace of mind that they are meeting the most current ventilation standards and mitigating their liability.”– Adam Smith, AirBox President About AirBox AirBox is an industry leader in contamination control and pathogen mitigation for commercial facilities and occupied spaces. AirBox products are manufactured in an EPA-registered facility in North Carolina, UL Listed, ASHRAE Standard 241-Compliant, and utilize Certified HEPA technology that evolved from filtration technology common to ultra-clean manufacturing and research environments typical to pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and biotechnology industries. For additional information, visit ...