Smart Fleet Management®

To effectively prepare your facilities for any indoor air quality event, whether it be wild fires, chemical spills, viral outbreaks, or even just flu typical flu season, you need a long term, sustainable strategy. You need Smart Fleet Management.

Commercial facilities typically will require large quantities of portable air cleaners to maintain a safer, healthier environment. Different models are needed for different types of spaces. All of which, have differing CFM output settings, maintenance schedules, and can often be located across milewide campuses. This can pose a real challenge for facility managers. It can almost seem impossible to maintain. With AirBox’s Smart Fleet Management software, we make it possible and even well, easy.

    Simplify maintenance, save money, and assure
    cleaner air air with Smart Fleet Management.

    AirBox air cleaners’ ability to monitor CO2 and filter life using differential pressure sensors make them essential for risk-free indoor air quality compliance.  Filter maintenance schedules based off of manufacturer’s recommended intervals can be cumbersome and you can’t ensure that your filtration is actually still effective. Some spaces can be much dirtier than others.  Think about air quality differences between a corporate office space versus a nail salon. 

    By using Smart Fleet Management’s scheduling functionality, you:

    • Save energy by only operating air cleaning systems during occupied hours.
    • Save filter life (some of our Smart Fleet Management customers have extended their filters 2x our recommended interval!)
    • Make unit set points tamper-proof. Once a device is set to a schedule, the physical device controls are inactivated, assuring that your device stays on its specified set point from your building readiness plan.

    Curious at how much you could save by using a platform like Smart Fleet Management?

    Let us run a cost analysis for you.

    Don’t let a Wi-Fi outage turn
    into an indoor air quality event.

    Reliable cellular connectivity makes Smart Fleet Management the risk-free solution for IRMM.  Simply turn your unit on, and it will connect via cellular to our cloud.  Assign the unit to a space in the dashboard and you’re on your way to clean air assurance.  The dashboard’s text alert system will notify assigned facility managers when a device has been unplugged or is no longer on schedule.

    Wondering how you’re going to manage the requirements of Infectious Risk Management Mode (IRMM) per the new ASHRAE Standard 241?  It’s easy.

    Create a schedule in our Smart Fleet Management dashboard titled “IRMM”.  Set the increased fan speed setting (CFM) as specified in your Safe Air Plan provided by our engineers, adjust your device run time schedule in accordance with your occupancy schedule, and select which units should be run at that setting.  When Public Health Authorities or Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) call for IRMM mode, simply turn the schedule on and you’re successfully managing the risk of infection for all occupants in your care. 

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