Peak Series-S Residential

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The Residential Peak Series-S is categorically the most effective and efficient Air Purifier on the market today. The unit purifies the air primarily in residential settings. It provides over 24,000 cubic feet per hour of antimicrobial, chemical, and HEPA Filtration while only measuring a mere 13”x13”x27” in size.
The Peak Series-S traps annoying mold, pollen and other allergens. Pet and cooking odors don’t stand a chance. Viruses and germs from the common cold also get trapped in our system keeping your family happy and healthy.


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The AIRBOX Peak Series-S is a commercial grade air purifier made with the only micro-shield protection on the market. This protection is rooted in the material and makes it bacteria resistant. Customize your Peak Series-S and stack your air purifier to meet your families’ needs. The Peak Series-S traps annoying mold, pollen and allergens. Pet and cooking odors don’t stand a chance, and germs from the common cold get trapped in our system keeping your family happy and healthy.

Incorporation of Stainless Steel fasteners and hardware into the high density polyethylene (HDPE) material construction, render the Peak Series-S effectively indestructible and resistant to the elements of harsh environments. The HDPE enclosure incorporates a permanent antimicrobial treatment that is 99% effective at inhibiting the growth of microbial elements. Hand Crafted by American Craftsman, the Peak Series-S comes with a Lifetime Warranty on Materials and Craftsmanship.

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