Phase 2 of Safe Air Plan at Brentwood Christian School

In our quest for healthier indoor spaces, the quality of the air we breathe takes center stage. AirBox is a leader in this endeavor, offering innovative solutions to enhance indoor air quality.

AirBox Executes Phase 2 of Safe Air Plan at Brentwood Christian School

Brentwood Christian School, a private K-12 Christian school, based in Austin, Texas, announced the completion of its Phase 2 implementation of AirBox’s certified HEPA air purification technology to further reduce the transmission of Covid-19 and other airborne pathogens on its campus.

Statesville, NC and Austin, TX: Brentwood Christian School (BCS) has announced the completion of planned safe air upgrades provided and deployed by North Carolina-based AirBox. This second phase of the school’s safe air rollout comes on the heels of an earlier round of implementation of AirBox devices, which was completed in September 2021.

In Phase 1 of the rollout, AirBox installed one Peak unit in each BCS classroom. It installed higher-capacity AirBox units in larger gathering spaces (athletic facilities, cafeterias, the theater, and the chapel).

This essential installation met current minimum ventilation standards by utilizing the best HEPA filtration technology to produce fresh recirculated air. AirBox’s HEPA air purifiers exceed the HEPA certification standards of 99.97% efficiency at removing dust, mold, pollen, bacteria, and viruses (including Covid-19 and its variants).

While Phase 1 was a significant step toward improving indoor air quality throughout the campus, BCS leadership wasn’t content to stop there.

BCS leveraged a second round of funding through the EANS program managed by the state of Texas to expand its Safe Air Plan and further ensure all students, teachers, staff, and visitors maintain access to safe breathing air while on the BCS campus.

Phase 2 included the addition of AirBox Mesa units to the administrative offices to address air quality for the staff and additional Apex units in the chapel to ensure that the chapel could remain a Safe Air Zone even during peak occupancy.

Meredith Teague, president of AirBox, commented on the milestone:

“Brentwood Christian is a great example of a forward-thinking school making smart use of state and federal funds available to combat the spread of Covid-19 and make schools safer for in-person learning. By leveraging two rounds of EANS funding, Brentwood was able to execute our complete Safe Air Plan, increasing air quality throughout all spaces on the campus.”

Across both phases, the BCS team worked with AirBox’s engineering team, which developed and then maximized the school’s Safe Air Plan through computer simulations. These computer models optimized the impact on in-room air to determine the ideal placement of each AirBox unit. In many classrooms, Phase 2 included the addition of a second AirBox Peak or Mesa unit to bolster both maximum CFMs and engineer airflow into the breathing zone.

President of Brentwood Christian, Jay Burcham, shares the staff’s excitement in completing the school’s AirBox rollout:

“From the beginning of this project, we knew we needed to do two things: protect students, faculty, staff, and parents from airborne disease transmission and provide peace of mind in the process. AirBox was instrumental in helping us achieve these objectives, improving building ventilation and air quality with no disruption to the school calendar.”

Burcham also mentioned the value of an air purification technology that could be deployed with little to no disruption to facilities:

“We were thrilled that AirBox’s certified HEPA air purifiers could be deployed in just a few days, without the need for invasive renovation or duct access. Because of this, we were able to complete Phase 2 of our rollout during Christmas break, with no disruption whatsoever to student learning!”

BCS also plans to leverage AirBox’s Smart Fleet Management, a technology from PureAware. This innovative solution allows campuses and businesses to remotely manage their fleet of AirBox devices, actively monitoring CO2 levels to maintain safe conditions. Smart Fleet Management also enables staff to schedule AirBox units to perform at airflow levels appropriate to planned occupancy loads.

With a drastic increase in directional airflow and HEPA filtration, BCS students, faculty, staff, and visitors can now enjoy cleaner air and greater peace of mind, potentially influencing the long-term health of all who use the facilities improving cognitive learning and brain functionality.

The research and testing behind AirBox’s products, along with conformance to ASHRAE, EPA, and FDA standards, and wireless operational performance and respiratory aerosol monitoring, set AirBox air purifiers apart from any other air purifier available. Those implementing an AirBox Safe Air Plan can be confident that they are trusting the health and safety of their students, teachers, staff, and employees to a safe air solutions company that’s in a class all its own.

Watch Jeff Morris, CFO of Brentwood, describe Brentwood Christian’s clean air plan:


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About Brentwood Christian School
Brentwood Christian School is a nationally recognized accredited leader in education. BCS is the multi-year defending academic state champion in TAPPS and PSIA, a passionate front runner in fine arts, and a fiery competitor in athletics. But BCS is much more to our students and families: BCS is a community. Students receive an excellent Christ-centered, college preparatory education, and they will also receive an incredibly well-rounded extra and co-curricular experience. For more information, visit

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