AirBox, Inc. continues to lead the market in clean air solutions by adding air audit and assessment services to their offerings.

In our quest for healthier indoor spaces, the quality of the air we breathe takes center stage. AirBox is a leader in this endeavor, offering innovative solutions to enhance indoor air quality.

AirBox, the leading brand and USA-based manufacturer in commercial indoor air quality (IAQ), is excited to announce their new indoor air quality services, designed to help facilities become compliant with existing and future ventilation requirements.

As the effects of polluted air become more recognizable to the general public, Americans demand cleaner air, not just at home but also in commercial spaces. Furthermore, ASHRAE Standard 241 has introduced basic requirements, such as the use of specific filtration and air cleaning methods (including HEPA filters) and creating a plan for times when there is an increased risk of infection. This means that not only is clean air desired by people occupying indoor spaces, but indoor air is now also required to be measured and regulated to ensure the health and safety of indoor spaces.

Effective immediately, AirBox’s Analytical Group is offering indoor air quality audit and assessment services to commercial clients. Following ASHRAE and LEED standards, AirBox will identify VOC’s and particulate matter using calibrated instrumentation and lab analysis to help building owners make educated decisions for IAQ improvements, audit their existing IAQ practices, and mitigate liability for IAQ complaints.

“Understanding the components of the air that we breathe indoors is critical for keeping people safer and healthier. Indoor air quality assessments provide building owners with a first-hand account of the building conditions occupants are exposed to on an everyday basis. My team uses IAQ assessment data that is measured through mass spectroscopy, optical microscopy, and a range of continuous monitoring measurement procedures, such as laser photometer, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR), gas sensitive semiconductor (GSS), and galvanic cell technology. In turn, we make recommendations to control these contaminants which will have a huge impact for the given space.” – Cara Cywinski, LEED Certified Environmental Scientist

In addition to improving their clean air solutions through these new services, AirBox has updated all certifications for their products to meet the recent ASHRAE Standard 241 requirements. AirBox will also proudly adhere to the same strict manufacturing regulations and standard compliances when developing new products – such as the new line of revolutionary air cleaners unlike any other ever to be designed or manufactured that AirBox looks to launch in the coming months.

AirBox is proud to be the only air cleaning device manufacturer to offer this type of turnkey solution making them the all-in-one clean air experts, from testing and reporting to creating an optimized clean air plan and providing the products that are certified to do the job. By partnering with AirBox, employers and building owners can rest assured they are in compliance with newly appointed standards and regulations, thereby keeping their buildings safe and healthy for everyone inside.

“Diagnostics and solutions should always go hand in hand when controlling indoor air quality. It clearly identifies the problems and validates the solutions. This crucial step has been overlooked

when planning for an effective indoor air quality strategy. First and foremost, AirBox is a partner. We’re revolutionizing the indoor air quality space by providing help at every stage of IAQ improvement.

Our end goal is to partner with building owners to provide a safer working, learning, and living environment for occupants while providing peace of mind that they are meeting the most current ventilation standards and mitigating their liability.”– Adam Smith, AirBox President

About AirBox

AirBox is an industry leader in contamination control and pathogen mitigation for commercial facilities and occupied spaces. AirBox products are manufactured in an EPA-registered facility in North Carolina, UL Listed, ASHRAE Standard 241-Compliant, and utilize Certified HEPA technology that evolved from filtration technology common to ultra-clean manufacturing and research environments typical to pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and biotechnology industries. For additional information, visit

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