Wildfire Season is Here

In our quest for healthier indoor spaces, the quality of the air we breathe takes center stage. AirBox is a leader in this endeavor, offering innovative solutions to enhance indoor air quality.

At AirBox, our goal is to teach about the importance of indoor air quality. Often overlooked, air quality can have tremendous impacts on one’s health, and AirBox ensures that the air is clean and positively affects how one breathes. So what is the most prominent threat to indoor air quality? According to ACHR News, wildfires pose the biggest threat to the quality of the air being inhaled.

With 2 million+ properties in the United States being labeled at a high and/or extreme risk of wildfires, the potential for air contamination is very possible as wildfire season starts with the beginning of Summer and hot weather. AirBox filters out much of these harmful contaminants within the air to ensure a clean and safe environment.

“When outdoor air particle concentrations increase, indoor air concentrations of particles also increase, particularly in homes because they usually have low efficiency particle filtration systems or no particle filtration,” states Berkeley Lab’s Indoor Air Quality Scientific Findings Resource Bank, “Because people in the U.S. and many other developed countries are indoors approximately 90% of the time, and may be indoors even more when outdoor air is affected by wildfires, increases in exposures to particles from wildfires attributable to climate change will occur primarily indoors.”

With risk of exposure being primarily indoors, AirBox offers an advanced air filtration system to combat these adverse effects, capturing 99.99% of common pathogens found in your everyday environment. Safety standards are another factor to keep in mind when purchasing an air purifier and luckily, the AirBox Peak model is recognized as being CARB certified and does not emit ozone while the other AirBox models’ CARB certifications are pending. This CARB certification ensures that AirBox meets safety standards in areas where wildfires are most prominent, such as in the state of California.

For more information about AirBox and its line of commercial-grade, HEPA air purifiers please visit www.airboxairpurifier.com.

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