The History of the HEPA Filter

In our quest for healthier indoor spaces, the quality of the air we breathe takes center stage. AirBox is a leader in this endeavor, offering innovative solutions to enhance indoor air quality.

During World War II, a small town outside of Knoxville, Tennessee was burdened with the responsibility of developing America’s nuclear arsenal. This historic undertaking, commonly known as the Manhattan Project, often overshadows the development of another technology that was created to protect the workers of that small town – the HEPA filter.

HEPA filters, or high-efficiency particulate air systems, were developed in the 1940s and used first by the Manhattan Project to protect the nearly 90,000 workers at Oak Ridge, from the unknown byproducts and potential airborne radioactive contaminants associated with the production of nuclear energy.

Despite being created over 80 years ago, HEPA filter technology still plays a critical role in protecting Americans from harmful airborne contaminants today and is the only technology trusted by medical and research professionals to protect them from pathogen exposure.

Recently, an alternative to HEPA filters – Ionizers, have been under fire for producing harmful side effects that outweigh their potential benefits. Ionizer technology relies on electrically charged gas ions to fasten onto particles such as dust or pollen and then connect back onto the collector plate. A study published on ScienceDirect found that Ionization can actually increase the presence of harmful gases that if exposed damage the eyes, nose, throat, and skin. The researchers who conducted the study also revealed this technology’s insignificant ability to remove dust, smoke, and pollen particles. Companies selling these devices have been accused of marketing falsified efficiency claims and concealing these harmful side effects from clients including schools.

AirBox air purifiers utilizes HEPA filters which are scientifically proven to remove 99.99% airborne pathogens, including day-to-day irritants including bacteria, viruses, mold, chemicals, pet dander, VOC’s, pollen, and dust. In just 20 minutes, AirBox’s Dynamic Room Purge Technology can purify a room and protect those inside from harmful airborne pollutants.

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