Keeping Schools Safe from COVID

In our quest for healthier indoor spaces, the quality of the air we breathe takes center stage. AirBox is a leader in this endeavor, offering innovative solutions to enhance indoor air quality.

More than ever before, schools are looking for ways to make sure the air that students, teachers, and staff are breathing is safe.

The threat of Covid-19 remains at the forefront of many minds. And other airborne particulates that can make kids and teachers sick also show up in most school environments (like the flu, mold, and even the common cold).

In fact, school buildings are often worse off than other spaces: OSHA points to the age and poor condition of many school buildings, which leads to higher levels of unpleasant stuff floating in the air.

Parents, teachers, and administrators are looking for solutions. Masks and perpetual virtual school aren’t a long-term solution that anybody wants to live through.

What if there was a way schools could keep students, teachers, and staff safe from airborne pathogens and other contaminants — without altering students’ routines or harming student learning?

Good news! There is: safe air solutions from AirBox Air Purifiers.

Schools Need Proven Solutions to Keep Air Free from Covid— and Other Airborne Dangers

Schools don’t need solutions that merely claim to clean the air, or that only clean indoor air a little bit. Schools need proven solutions with data that shows how effective they are at removing airborne pathogens (including viruses like Covid) from real-world spaces.

Why? Simple: there’s a world of difference between a solution that makes bold claims about cleaning indoor air and one that’s been scientifically proven to do so.

As schools deliberated on what a return to the classroom would look like after early pandemic lockdowns, several companies jumped at the chance to quickly and cheaply develop products that might help to ease fears and increase safety. Some companies simply started targeting commercial spaces with their residential products.

Unfortunately, nearly all of these products are untested, and some don’t do anything measurable at all!

That isn’t what schools need. They need data-backed, quality solutions that actually solve their problem. They need solutions that actually clean the air.

The Answer: Safe Air Solutions from AirBox

AirBox offers the best solution to the problem of air safety in classrooms and schools (and any other public or commercial space). The company delivers safe air solutions to schools and other organizations in the form of state-of-the-art commercial-grade HEPA air purifiers.

Solutions like AirBox matter because air quality affects real people in your (or your child’s) school. People like teachers with underlying health concerns, immunocompromised students, and those with vulnerable loved ones at home.

Students and teachers want to be at school. But they don’t want to put themselves or the people they love at risk. AirBox helps mitigate that risk.

There’s plenty of evidence showing that powerful HEPA filtration is effective against Covid and other threats. In fact, experts at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health point to HEPA filtration as one of the most effective strategies (along with opening windows to allow outside air in).

And while AirBox’s air purifiers are proven to filter airborne viruses like Covid from indoor air, we launched our first product well before the pandemic began. We aren’t chasing a trend; we’ve been solving indoor air challenges for years.

AirBox is one of the only companies offering solutions that have that has undergone any type of independent third-party testing, and it’s the only company whose products have been independently verified to remove greater than 99.99% of airborne particulates from the breathing zone. These particulates include mold, pollen, dander, bacteria, and viruses–including Covid and all its variants.

Every School Starts with a Safe Air Plan

One of the big problems with treating indoor air using off-the-shelf products is that air is complicated and always moving. That’s also why so many other products out there don’t provide testing or certification of their devices: it’s impossible to make promises when you can’t control the variables.

AirBox takes a different approach. Every school that works with AirBox starts with a Safe Air Plan, an engineered plan that provides an analysis of each unique space, along with recommendations for which AirBox air purifiers should be installed, where to install them, and other environmental changes that need to be made.

We’ve helped numerous schools and districts provide safer air for their students and staff. Read more about how we helped one district in South Carolina achieve its safe air goals.

By starting every school with a Safe Air Plan, AirBox can stand behind the data and science that show its products are effective at creating a safe air breathing zone when properly placed.

Cleanroom to the Classroom: The Science Behind AirBox

AirBox’s founder and lead engineer, Tim Self, spent decades as the founder and chairman of AM Technical Solutions, a global leader in cleanroom technology. With 30 years of experience designing, constructing, and certifying world-class cleanrooms across the globe, Self saw the need for better quality commercial air purifiers that could be deployed in minutes and provide lasting results.

In founding AirBox, Self brought cleanroom tech to the classroom, leveraging his deep technical and scientific background into a new category of commercial air purifier.

AirBox air purifiers are made in the USA from quality components, built to the highest standards. Every unit has a lifetime warranty on all materials and craftsmanship plus a 5-year warranty of the fan motor and electrical components.

Keep Your School Safe: Start Your Safe Air Plan Now

AirBox is a market-leading solution backed by data and independent lab testing shown to effectively filter more than 99.99% of airborne particulates, including viruses like Covid. It’s the smart choice for any school wanting to provide safer, cleaner air to students and staff alike.

Are you ready to protect your school or classroom and provide safe air to everyone who uses it?

Learn how to get a Safe Air Plan for your school today

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