AirBox Launches its “Safe Air Plan”

In our quest for healthier indoor spaces, the quality of the air we breathe takes center stage. AirBox is a leader in this endeavor, offering innovative solutions to enhance indoor air quality.

We at AirBox™ Air Purifiers are excited to announce and launch our new “Safe Air Plan”. The program is designed to help local businesses meet the new expectations passed down from the CDC and OSHA to help mitigate the spread of disease as businesses begin to re-open their doors.

“This is a plan that we started designing before COVID-19 shutdown most of the businesses in this area as a way for local shops to display to their customers the importance of air quality,” said Tim Self, owner and president of AirBox™. 

The new “Safe Air Plan” is intended to meet CDC and OSHA expectations for building ventilation under sections entitled ‘Engineering Controls’. The result is the most cost-effective solution for increasing ventilation and recirculation. The resulting equivalent ventilation far exceeds the national standards.

AirBox™ is offering free consultations for local businesses whereby the amount of airflow required in the breathing zones of the occupied space is calculated in accordance with building codes and ANSI/ASHRAE standards.

Each AirBox™Air Purifier is equipped with Certified HEPA, antimicrobial, and carbon filters to displace, dilute, and remove airborne contaminants such as — viruses, mold, bacteria, pollen, chemicals, and dust from the Breathing Zone.

Because repopulation of office and retail will be a challenge for businesses, we are providing our clients with Commercial Support packages that include:

  • Leasing and finance options
  • Window Cling with Clean Air Statement
  • Marketing Package including digital and social media posts to help educate customers on our efforts to improve indoor air quality and provide a safer space for them to enjoy.

To learn more about AirBox™ or to set up a free Safe Air Plan consultation at your business, visit or call (855) 927-1386.

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