Welcome to the era of cleaner air.

People have been putting up with dirty contaminated indoor air for too long. Bad air has been proven to negatively impact things like sick days, test scores, and cognitive brain function. It’s time to do something about it.

AirBox is America’s top manufacturer of commercial-grade air purification systems, proven to eliminate over 99.99% of harmful airborne particles and pathogens in indoor environments.

It’s time to get the
clean air you deserve.

On average, indoor air quality is between two and five times more polluted than the air outside—and indoors is where we spend 90% of our time. So Americans are concerned more than ever about the quality of their air.

Everyone is trying to figure out how to best tackle airborne pathogens, allergens, and harmful contaminants, especially in crowded commercial spaces. But not all air treatments are created equal. Thanks to ASHRAE Standard 241 Americans will have clean air, at last.

At AirBox, we are committed to delivering certified clean air solutions that meet the rigorous air quality standards set by scientific and engineering communities.

Commercial-Grade Air Filtration

When you implement an AirBox air cleaning system you can breathe easier knowing you will get one immensely powerful result: healthier air, at last.

AirBox’s American-made commercial air cleaners offer industry-leading air filtration in convenient, easy-to-implement solutions designed to the highest quality.

Our industrial air filtration systems and air scrubbers are:

  • Built with durable materials and components designed to last a lifetime in public commercial settings
  • Able to provide tamper-proof settings to ensure set operating points
  • Integrated with wireless controls to simplify maintenance and save energy
  • Using IEST certified HEPA filters tested to remove 99.99% of all particles regardless of composition


Proven engineering, pristine air purification.

AirBox systems effectively capture over 99.99% of tested airborne contaminants, including infectious aerosols that can pose significant health risks. They are also built to comply with the latest industry standards set by ASHRAE.

Our engineering team will assist you with building readiness plans, air cleaning solutions and submittals needed for ASHRAE Standard 241 compliance. Our commercial air cleaning systems are energy efficient, can scale to fit your unique facilities, and provide industrial levels of IEST certified filtration.

Don’t hope your air cleaning solution is powerful enough.
Know it is.

    Air cleaning for any commercial space.

    Our innovative tech-forward commercial air scrubber solutions provide clean air and peace of mind to clients across the spectrum of commercial spaces, including:

    • Educational Centers
    • Recreational Spaces
    • Construction Zones
    • Shopping Malls & Retail
    • Correctional Facilities
    • Professional Offices
    • Public Assembly
    • Residential
    • Sports & Entertainment Venues
    • Hospitals and Medical Facilities

    AirBox Provides Clean Air to…

    Take control. Don’t waste time and money on burdensome maintenance schedules.

    AirBox offers streamlined management and control of all air cleaning systems across your commercial space making compliance with new indoor air quality standards easy. Our Smart Fleet Management platform allows for centralized control and automated scheduling for each AirBox air cleaner. With AirBox, you can track filter lifespan and simplify other routine maintenance tasks all within an easy-to-use cloud dashboard.

    Clean air from the leader in cleanroom technology.

    At AirBox, we don’t just talk about clean air: we understand and produce it. Our founder, Tim Self, previously founded AM Technical Solutions, the US leader in cleanroom design, construction, and certification. He’s brought his deep knowledge of micro-contamination and filtration to the commercial air purification space.

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    There’s no better time than right now to start moving toward cleaner, safer air throughout the spaces you’re responsible for. 

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