Clean Air For Life For Legacy Unit

Never Forget to Change Filters Again!

When Clean Air For Life is purchased with your Legacy Unit, we will auto-ship your Antimicrobial & Odor Shield filters right to your doorstep every 1-6 months. Maintaining clean filters in your unit will ensure that the unit is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. A perk that come with becoming a Clean Air For Life program member is free shipping with every filter delivery!

From: $54.99 every 9 months


Your AIRBOX™ is designed and built to serve you for a lifetime. Your subscription to our Clean Air for Life Program will allow it to serve you at its best.

Benefits of Clean Air for Life Program

  • Assures your AirBox continuously performs at its highest level.
  • Free Shipping of Refresh kits
  • No need to remember when to change, replacement filters arrive on the schedule you request.

*For optimum AIRBOX™ operation, we recommend changing carbon and antimicrobial filters a minimum of every 6 months.